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    I am blessed with the most fulfilling occupation I could ever enjoy: offering art instruction. With over thirty years of teaching experience, as well as a career as a professional portrait painter and book illustrator, I am able to offer my students a wide range of innovative methods and techniques, in all media, mostly color pencil. A great number of my students have mastered their own art to the point of earning First Place or Best of Show awards in local art competitions. Many sell their paintings, blossoming into professional artists, or become art instructors themselves.

       For the last few years, I have been overwhelmed by the great response to my seminars at national conferences such as HOOT (Heart of Ohio Tole), Creative Painting in Las Vegas, NV, World of Color Expo in Herndon, VA; and at the annual SDP Convention. Throughout the year, I teach at scores of SDP Chapters and art associations all over the nation.You can also learn my techniques from an abundance of pattern packets, books, & DVD's available on this website.

      From my earliest recollection, drawing was always a part of my life. When I was two years old, my older brother, Richard, then twelve, placed a pencil in my hand, and offered me a few basic instructions. From that day forward, I drew constantly, sitting in my little corner of our parents’ tiny grocery store. At thirteen, I was apprenticed to Mrs. Austin Angle, and began an intense study of the techniques of the masters of the Renaissance and Baroque. I was granted an academic scholarship to the University of Tampa where I advanced my skills in pencil drawing and oil painting, primarily in portrait painting.

    My commissioned portraits grace the walls of corporate and private collections. In September of 2010, in St. Augustine, Florida, an oil portrait I painted of my ancestor, the oldest city’s founder, Don Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, was permanently installed at the Mission Nobre de Dios Museum, in St. Augustine, Florida. The portrait hangs above my ancestor's empty casket, which is the centerpiece of the museum.

      I am also an accomplished book illustrator. In 1990, I was contracted by Millennium Publishing to illustrate the graphic novel adaptation of horror novelist Anne Rice’s New York Times #1 Best Seller, “The Mummy;” "The Wild Wild West;" "Nosferatu: the Plague;" "Weird Tales" and "Doc Savage". Recently completed commissions for book illustrations include the children's book series "Gracie's Garden," “Twisty Root,” “The 1000 Years,” “Jasper the Jumping Grasshopper” and the “Little Tiger With the Itchy Stripe,” all by author Jamie Mock; “The Letter Characters of Alphabetville," a reading instructional series by author Veronica Hipps; and "Perilous Paths: The Story of Robert McClellan" by author George McClellan.

     I’m a member of the Society of Decorative Painters, and the Color Pencil Society of America.

    Cathy and I have been married for 42 years, and we enjoy our home in the mountains of North Carolina. We travel together to the many classes and seminars throughout the nation.

    With over thirty years of teaching experience, as well as a career as a professional portrait painter and book illustrator, I offer my students a broad range of methods and techniques.  If you’ll provide the passion to learn and the persistent practice, I’ll provide the rest.


  Why wait? Join my classes and embark on an incredible journey with me today!

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