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Color Pencil Artist

Anyone can learn to draw or paint!

    Mark Menendez is a nationally recognized color pencil instructor with over thirty-five years of teaching experience, while also enjoying a successful career as a professional portrait painter and book illustrator.  Mark offers his students a wide range of innovative color pencil methods and techniques, in both traditional and watercolor pencils. He also offers an extensive variety of subject matter, from still life, floral, wildlife to portraits.  

    His highly popular books, packets and videos have been circulated around the globe. Mark’s informative live seminars, online webinars and workshops have been sponsored by countless SDP and Colored Pencil Society of America chapters throughout the nation. His easy going manner, humor and patience, matched by his depth of knowledge, make for a fun and highly rewarding experience.

Why wait? Join Mark's classes and embark on an incredible journey today!

About the Artist

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Meet Cathy... My Wife and Business Partner

 Many of you have already met or interacted with Cathy, but I would be remiss if I neglected to share with you that she is my greatest supporter of all, as well as my wife,and business partner. Back in 2014, As my business increased, I came to the point that I could not teach daily, create new art, prepare lessons, schedule seminars, travel to destinations, write books or other instructional products without finding some help.  So I asked Cathy to leave a job she enjoyed and join me in our enterprise.  Cathy is the one who answers most of our emails,  fills your orders and schedules and executes our events.   She is the most organized, efficient person I have ever known, and has the friendliest and professional telephone voice. People connect with her as if they were acquainted for years. I am humbled by her dedication, innovation, and hard work. It would be impossible to operate with out her irreplaceable contribution.
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