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Big Buff CP

Big Buff CP


NEW FOR 2023!


      This picturesque scene depicts the American Bison, or Buffalo, on the wide grassy plains. Here is your opportunity to create a dramatic wildlife portrait, and simultaneously learn to master a number of features including realistic eyes, snout, the smooth, shiny horns and cloven hooves. You are provided instruction on how to render the various textures of the coat, from the bushy curls of the head; short fur on the back, down to the long, flowing hair of the beard and upper legs. Each page is loaded with clear, step-by-step written instructions and large colorful photos. The clear blue sky and grassy plain offer you helpful techniques you’ll find highly beneficial for future landscape projects in color pencil. In addition, you’ll find lots of tips and techniques on color pencil strokes, application and blending in color pencil. Throughout the project you’ll find my color pencil selection method of choosing pencils to represent the values of Shadow, Deep shadow, Halftone, Light and Highlight in clear step-by step illustrated instructions

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