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Color Pencil Artist

Teaching Videos

Artists Network, the online video website of North Light Books, is the publisher of a number of my popular art instructional videos. Some are still available in DVD format, but most are available for download viewing. Among the titles offered on the site are:

  • Basic Drawing

  • Color Pencil Techniques: Color, Value and Form

  • How to Draw a Dog in Color Pencil

  • How to Draw a Cat in Color Pencil

  • How to Draw a Horse in Color Pencil

  • Basic Color Mixing

  • Painting Techniques of the Masters

  • Top 10 Art Techniques: Pencil Drawing Secrets

  • Top 10 Art Techniques - Composition Secrets

  • Top 10 Art Techniques: Surface & Texture Secrets  


Mark's YouTube Videos

ArtistNetwork TV Interview
Basic Color Mixing
Color Pencil Color, Value, Form
Painting Techniques of the Old Masters
How To Draw a Cat in Color Pencil
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