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Water-Soluble Pencil Projects

Below is a selection of my WATER-SOLUBLE COLOR PENCIL seminars and all are available to schedule for your art group. For each seminar, the student is required to bring the materials, unless otherwise indicated. For your convenience, I supply a materials list for each project, as well as, the paper with the pattern already applied.  In the case of the painting seminars, I supply the project pattern and the student will transfer the pattern onto the painting surface during class time. Complete step-by-step, full color instructions are provided for each student, as well as a full color reference photo.

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A burgeoning bouquet of blossoms invites the welcome advent of buzzing bees. In this project, designed for anyone with little or no watercolor pencil experience, I offer my distinctive approach with Caran d'Ache SUPRACOLOR Pencils, designed to boost your skills. Informative techniques are presented in any easy to understand fashion: dramatic use of color and contrast; fine detailing; and how to create the delicate, translucent wings. This packet will improve your skills.

Young Boy's Portrait

Creating a portrait and capturing a likeness seems like an impossible endeavor to the beginning artist. CARAN D’ACHE SUPRACOLOR Water-Soluble Color Pencils offer the beginner the perfect medium to learn, practice and master creating portraits. This project will offer you invaluable tips for mastering lighting, form and vivid skin tones, as well as capturing the eyes and other features of your subject.

Join Mark Menendez, and create this exotic Bird of Paradise using Caran d’Ache Supracolor Water Soluble Pencils. This tropical plant bears a unique flower that resembles the plumage of a brightly colored bird in flight. The colorful flower contrasts beautifully against the thick, waxy leaf backdrop. Mark will guide you using clear step-by-step instructions, creating the illusion of three-dimensional form and depth by applying the rich, vibrant colors in layers. Using  delicate washes of water,  you will learn how to achieve subtle blending. Throughout the seminar, Mark will provide many of his easy-to-master proven techniques, and offer each student one-on-one assistance.

Nothing is more emblematic of Florida than the striking plumage of the American Flamingo, the tall, flaming red-orange-pink wading bird with it’s long, graceful neck and thick downturned bill. Created in Caran d'Ache Supracolor Water-Soluble Pencils, this fun new project offers an interesting and useful mixed media technique, including color theory, secrets for capturing the texture of feathers and the depth of the jewel-like eye. Join me and learn to capture the bold, intense color of this beautiful, and elegant bird.
Designed for the beginner to intermediate artist.